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12.11.04 (10:34 am)   [edit]

i'm just bored! hehe! nothing much going on here......Kaylee is coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!! i'm so excited! i can't believe it's been 5 months since i've seen her! omg! yeah, i'm pretty happy bout that. hehe! well, i gotsta go! hehe! bye!

***honey bee*** (lol, Hannah!!!)

12.09.04 (5:45 am)   [edit]
hi! last night in Oneighty was AWESOME!!!! Pastor D. preached on an Open Heaven, he said that 180 is in this revival that's been goin on, and that we are also under an open heaven, which means that we have access to heaven, and that if we ask for something, we will get it! (and it won't take forever) then he asked us all "if we were under an open heaven right now, what would you ask for?" so we all thought about it and then we prayed and so somethin great is gonna happen to my family soon!!! (cuz i prayed for something concerning my family) it's going to be AWESOME!!!! i can't wait! lol! ttyl!

woo hoo!
12.06.04 (12:13 pm)   [edit]
i just wanted to let ya'll know, we got some new ppl in teen prayer!!!! yay!!!!! lol! (it was also one of the things we prayed about in prayer, that we'd have more ppl, and now we do! hehe!)

11.30.04 (9:28 am)   [edit]

hey! did u all have a good Thanksgiving? i did! lol! my nieces LOVED my brother's girlfriend! so that's good. hehehe! last Sunday at church was AWESOME!!! we had a Holy Ghost party, as i like to say. lol! it was awesome. there has been a lot of stuff going on at church, not just in the adult service, but also in Oneighty. we are in the middle of revival, so yeah. Pastor calls it a "visitation" yeah, it's pretty awesome, the only thing is, Satan has been coming against a lot of the teens that are really on fire for God. some are falling away, some r sick, some have been made fun of (a lot), and just all kinds of crap like that. and it's just cause satan is REALLY mad! and i'm loving it!!!!!! hehehe! but we will be okay. teen prayer has been getting really good too. we have gotten a few more ppl, and we have had a lot of prayers answered, so don't try to tell me God doesn't hear prayers, cause He does, and He has answered a lot of ours. it's soooooo awesome!! i wish Hannah and Kaylee were here to be part of it too! but God is in Houston and Clarksville too. yeah. well i have to go! ttyl!

11.23.04 (6:04 am)   [edit]

Hey! Wus ^ with u all? Nothing much here hehe. Just chillin. Yeah, I'm bored, I'm going to babysit my two fave kids in the whole world today!!!! YAY!!! lol! Yup yup, can't wait! Yeah, they just got a new baby sister, so it is soon to be my 3 fave kids in the whole world lol, just gotta get to babysit her first! I can't wait till I get to watch her!!!!! I was supposed to a few weeks ago, but I was sick, so yeah, not good. Are you all ready for Thanksgiving? I am!! My neices, my sister, her boyfriend, and my Aunt and Uncle are coming, so that'll be fun. Then Friday my brother's girlfriend is coming over to meet our neices, cuz she's never met them. So, this should be interesting......I'll let ya know what kind of crazy stuff they come up with to say to embarrass my brother. lol!
*~Melissa Nicole~*
ps. what are you all thankful for? :D

Why in the world do we have to put a subject on these things anywayz?
11.21.04 (9:37 am)   [edit]

like my subject? lol. i just wanted to tell you about my day at church so far. well...i was bending over to get my coat cuz, as always, it was cold. lol! anywayz, i hit my mouth on the pew in front of me and my gums started bleeding! it was bad! lol. yeah but its much better now! hehe! it was a really good service tho! and Pastor Mike was talking and he said "Because I'm so hot.......I meant that spiritually." he was embarrased lol. but he had a good point, you just had to be there to understand. lol! well, g2g! bye!!!!!!

I'm BACK!!!!!! YAY!!! lol
11.20.04 (11:27 am)   [edit]

Hey everyone! Sry I haven't posted on here in a while, I had surgery Monday in my mouth. I had two teeth lodged in my gums, and they pulled one and brought down the yeah, I've been in bed all week. I still have stitches in my mouth and they look REALLY gross, but, I'm going to church tomorrow anyways, cuz I already missed Wednessday's service. It was a big night too!!!!! :-( Oh well.....hehehe! Yeah, I CANNOT believe next week is Thanksgiving already!!!! Wow, where has the year gone? It seems like just yesterday I was outside sweating to death and now I'm insde freezing to death. lol! Sry....I'm still on meds from the surgery. Haha! jk! Weeell, I just thought I'd come and say hi to my peeps! lol! Bye!!!!!!


Happy Veterans Day!!!
11.11.04 (6:05 pm)   [edit]

Hey! I just wanted to say thanx to all our Veterans out there! and to remind you to do the same! luv y'all! hehe~~mel

yup, mmmhmm
11.09.04 (9:36 am)   [edit]
hi! i'm on my lunch break right now, (the time on this thing is way off lol) i'm kinda bored, so i thought i'd come and post something.....hehe. i did math and history so far today, yeah (real fun) lol! i can't wait till Christmas!!! or Prom Alternative!!!!! YAY! only 6 more months!! hehe! how many of you watch Little House on the Prarie? i LOVE that show! it's on right now. yeah, well, just ignore this post if ya want to lol! ttyl! hehe

hello! :D
11.08.04 (11:37 am)   [edit]

hi!!!!!!! how are you all doing? i'm just great! lol! yeah, i can't believe it's November ALREADY!!!! and then it'll be Christmas! yay!! hehe! Kaylee is coming home for a visit (woo hoo) yeah, so that'll be fun!!! hehe! i don't think i ever wrote about the concert i went to a few weeks ago.. well i went to a Disciple concert with my brother and his gf and bff. it was so AWESOME!!! people were moshing and jumping and shouting and going crazy! it was kinda scary, but fun! yeah, Disciple is prolly one of my fave bands. they r cool. lol.

It was awesome!
11.04.04 (4:58 am)   [edit]

last night at Oneighty was awesome! (it was ladies night) they handed out natchos (sp?) to every lady in the room, then a drink, then a cupcake, THEN little gift sacks with a clippie, three bracelets, a ring pop, some other candy, and a shower scrubbie. i think thats all..... lol. then they gave away prizes, the 1st one was $40.00 worth of Mary Kay products, and the 2nd one was a really expensive shampoo that is supposed to work really well. yeah, then Pastor Devin preached about respect, how to get it, and how you should respect yourself. it was a pretty good message. well, any ways, it was fun. lol!

It's meeee! hehe
11.03.04 (4:41 am)   [edit]

hello! i'm bored, so i thought i'd come and post some interseting stuff for you to read (yeah right) my life is pretty boring, doing school, surfin the net, talkin to peeps online & the phone, goin to church tonight!!!!! YAY!! i can't wait! tonight is ladies night, it's all about us girls tonight! hehe! cause, u know, most of the stuff in our youth group is mainly guys stuff. like the skatepark, the video games, the new gym they r building (its coming along great btw) the dance stadium, the pool tables, just alot of things some girls cant do or just dont wanna (like me lol) so tonight we r doing all girl stuff! woo hoo! yeah its gonna be flippin fun! hehe! well ill let u all know how it goes! ttfn! hehe********************************

Hey :D
11.01.04 (1:24 pm)   [edit]

Hey everyone! How are you? I haven't been on in forever! (been REALLY busy) lol! Last week was revival at my church. It was so AWESOME! Damon Thompson is a really great preacher. My life has changed alot! (that's a good thing) hehe! Yep yep....... so that's just about it. lol! I don't think anything else new is happening here. I'm gonna go now........

i'm back!
10.19.04 (4:39 pm)   [edit]

hey! sorry i haven't been on in a while! i forgot my pasword hehe :oops: oh well, i fixed it and now i'm back!!!!!!!! hehe! yeah n2m new happing here though. the kids i baby sit just got a new little sister! she is SO cute! and about five other ladies at our church are having babies! wow! hehe! oh and my new favorite word~~~~ wowness!! lol! i gotta go now! i luv you all!

10.02.04 (11:31 am)   [edit]

okay i'm just wondering, but who is maristogirl07??????????

I miss you!
09.30.04 (9:50 am)   [edit]
Hannah, I miss you so much!!!! I hope you guys find a good bulding for your church, or are you going to build one of your own? I dk! lol! Yeah, I hope to hear from you soon!!!! I luv you!!!! I miss you! GB!

Tuesday or Friday????
09.28.04 (11:45 am)   [edit]

today is Tuesday but, its also Friday because school is out!!! yay! yup! maize is out, so i'm out, and it's all good! lol! yup i'm gonna go now!
ps- isn't my life just SO interesting?! lol (yeah right!)

Free at last, free at last. Thank God Almighty I'm free at last!
09.24.04 (10:42 am)   [edit]

can you hear it???? it's the hallelujah chorus! and i'm FREE!!!!!! no more school 4 two days!!!!!! no more MATH 4 two days!!!! i could kiss this computer cause i'm SO happy! (well, i guess i'm not that happy) hehe! yeah i'm going to enjoy this weekend, i hope you all enjoy yours! lol

09.23.04 (2:17 pm)   [edit]

 i'm so bummed about Hannah moving! i'm gonna miss ya girl! i just wanted to say thanks 4 being such a great friend, it means a lot to me. i luv ya and am praying 4 you and your family. i wish you the best in Houston! i luv ya and miss ya!:-( :'-( *snif snif*

guess who?
09.17.04 (11:07 am)   [edit]

hey! wus up? i'm doin good! i'm glad it is Friday again! guess what i got today?!?!?!?!?! a letter from Hannah!!! yea! i was so excided when i got it and i have been waiting all day to write one to her, so i'm going to go now! lol ttyl


miss u!
09.15.04 (11:13 am)   [edit]

This is a special message to Hannah and Kaylee: i miss you both SO much! i can't wait till the 29th so i can see you, Hannah! and Christmas so i can see you, Kaylee! (that is soooooooooooooooooooo far away!!) :'-( i miss you and will ttyl! luv ya!

*hug hug kiss kiss*
(does everyone like my hugs and kisses? lol)

where is everyone?!
09.15.04 (11:06 am)   [edit]

where are you all at? lol!

I'm free! I'm free!
09.14.04 (11:54 am)   [edit]

I just got out of scool! yay! lol! my head hurts really bad! lol oh well! i had 2 quizzes today (i ALWAYS have quizzes or tests or reveiws) :-) hehehe i was reading in Matthew the other day and there was a very funny, but strange verse: "You blind guides! You strain out a knat but swallow a camel." i just thought i'd let you know lol!

*hug hug kiss kiss*
luv ya!

hi peeps!
09.13.04 (12:07 pm)   [edit]

hi every1!!!! i can't talk much cause matt wants to get on! lol i just wanted to say hi and say to Kaylee and Hannah- I miss YOU! and luv u all!

*hug hug kiss kiss*

09.10.04 (2:34 pm)   [edit]
school has been kinda stressing lately. i ALREADY got a really bad grade because i have been pre-occupied lately so yeah. i am SO glad it is friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!